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Victorian Overbust Corset

Victorian Overbust Corset


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Time-Tested Style: Historical Vintage Corset

Meet the Historical Vintage Overbust Corset – it's like wearing a piece of magical history! This corset is made from a gorgeous fabric called taffeta and has strong metal bones inside. They shape your body, making your waist look slimmer, almost like a fairy tale costume. But there's more! This corset also has a fancy buckle and pretty lace trim that make it look super elegant, fit for a princess or queen. Imagine feeling like you're in a history story when you wear it. So, whether you want to enhance your curves or you simply love beautiful, old-style corsets, this one's perfect for you! It's an amazing way to step into the past and look stunning at the same time.

  • Stays Victorian Over Bust Corset.
  • Best For Height:- 5'2" and above.
  • Dimension:- Center Front Length - 10.5", Back Length  - 13.0",  Side - 11".
  • Fabric:-  Taffeta Cotton Lining on both layers fused for extra strength.
  • Metal & acrylic bones distributed all around the corset.
  • Opening:- Ykk Side Zip, 8-9 meter back lacing.
  • Model is 5’7″, with 35″ bust, 28″ waist, 38″ hips, and wears size 24.

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