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Noir Black Gothic Corset

Noir Black Gothic Corset


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Noir Gothic Over Bust Corset: Redefining Elegance and Style

 Unveil the magic of our Black Gothic Cotton Corset made just for women who love looking fabulous and feeling comfortable. It's like a special kind of clothing that helps shape your waist and make you look amazing. This corset has strong steel bones inside to give you that lovely hourglass shape. And guess what? It's made from super soft cotton, so it feels really nice on your skin and will last a long time. Plus, it looks so cool with its shiny metal buttons. You can wear it when you want to dress up fancy or when you want to stand out in a crowd. It's the perfect choice to make you feel confident and stylish. You can find our Black Gothic Cotton Corset for women online, and it's just a click away. So, if you're ready to boost your fashion game, check it out.

  • Steel Boned Over Bust Corset.
  • Fabric:- Twill with Cotton Lining both layers fused for extra strength.
  • Best For Height:- 5'2" and above.
  • Dimension:- Center Front Length - 14.5", Back Length - 13.0", Side - 12.5".
  • 12 spiral and 4 flat metal bones inside under the cotton bone casing.
  • Front Metal Zip Opening.
  • 6-7 meter back lacing.

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